Jobs in Accounting


"With combined experience of well over 50 years placing accountants, we are well qualified to take on the most demanding searches."

Accounting was one of our company's first areas of specialization, and our staff of experienced specialists is one of the leading accounting recruiting groups in Texas. We specialize in targeted recruiting of passive candidates to provide the most qualified financial professionals, from staff accountants to chief financial officers for our clients.


The age of specialization has really hit the accounting and financial professions. We almost never get a request for someone with general skills and experience. Clients are looking for candidates who have very precise backgrounds; for example, initial public offerings, manufacturing cost analysis, power marketing, information systems/financial liaison, mergers and acquisitions, SEC reporting, and international, federal, state, and local tax experience. The resurgence of the oil and gas business, combined with the rapidly expanding energy marketing field has created the need for even more industry specific skills. Experience with specific technology applications like SAP and Oracle, as well as spreadsheet expertise, is highly sought. Companies want accountants who think like business people to create efficiencies. In addition, the demand for accountants with SOX Compliance expertise is also critical at this time for all public companies and CPA firms.


There is a shortage of top talent across the board, and companies are finding it more difficult to attract the professionals they need. We have expertise to offer both clients and candidates in this time of change. Because of our experience and our network of contacts, we are in a unique position to help both clients and candidates. Our knowledge of salary structures and career development paths plays an important role in bringing about the most desired result: a quality match between candidate and position.