"Attorneys are very concerned about confidentiality in the recruiting process. We respect their confidence."

Legal recruiting has been a Richard, Wayne & Roberts specialty since 1982. Because of our extensive experience, we are recognized as the recruiter of choice when a law firm or corporation seeks to hire the very best attorneys with extremely precise qualifications and credentials.


In today's competitive market, law firms and corporations are consistent in their needs: they are all looking for the best and the brightest - which makes our job challenging. This also often results in the need to relocate to ensure the best candidate for the position and there has been a notable increase in the number of cross-country relocations as firms and corporations compete for the most qualified candidates. We are aware of all the pitfalls associated with such moves; it is something we encounter daily.

In recent years, corporations have become far more aggressive in seeking high caliber attorneys with the same blue-ribbon qualifications that the finest law firms have always attracted. The legal industry is experiencing an explosion of lateral hiring as well. Attorneys are becoming more and more specialized, but that is our strength. When we present candidates, you can be confident that they are qualified for the position.


As with most other professions, the best attorneys are often comfortable in their present position. It requires an excellent, well presented opportunity to get their attention and usually takes hundreds of focused phone calls to identify a handful of very qualified candidates who are interested in a career move. Also, because attorneys tend to be cautious and are extremely concerned about confidentiality, it takes experience to establish trust and rapport. For these reasons, legal searches require diligence and persistence. At Richard, Wayne & Roberts, our commitment is to pursue each assignment - no matter how difficult - until appropriate candidates are found.