How Do We Enhance Your Career Search?

RICHARD, WAYNE AND ROBERTS is a national recruiting firm, based in Houston, with recruiting professionals strategically located throughout the country. Our firm, established in 1979, recruits in selected career disciplines and has a core group of recruiters specializing in each field. If you are seeking a career change, there are many benefits to being represented by Richard, Wayne & Roberts.

You will have access to multiple exclusive opportunities not available through other sources.


Your resume will never be submitted to a client company without your explicit permission to do so.


Your recruiter will represent you in compensation negotiations.


You can continue working productively, protecting your career confidentiality while exploring opportunities.


You will never a have any charge or obligation to length of employment for any position obtained through us.


You will receive preparation for interviews, and you will receive feedback on results and progress.


You will have the status of being a recruited "passive" candidate who must be attracted to the job, since you are not an active job seeker