Safety and Reliability

"With the increasing number of companies entering the marketing and trading industry, demand for talent is at an all time high. Our knowledge of the market and extensive network truly give our clients a competitive advantage."

The growth of Richard, Wayne & Roberts since 1979 ties directly with Houston's Oil & Gas business. Back then safety was the concern of all engineers, but few were dedicated Safety Engineers. As the Energy business has matured, an increased focus on safety has created large Health, Safety and Environmental groups in most operating companies. This has fueled demand for Safety & Risk Engineers, HSE Specialists, HSE Regulatory, Environmental Engineers, Process Safety Engineers, Offshore Safety Advisors, Incident Investigation Specialists, Offshore Aviation experts and experienced Managers to make it all work.

Safe operations in the Oil & Gas industry do not exist in a vacuum. Many safety incidents in the industry tie back into a reliability or mechanical integrity issue. While the demand for these specialties and others is extremely high, the supply of experienced Engineers is seriously short.

These specialists work hard and are valued by their current companies. They don't have the time or the inclination to respond to job postings and they receive dozens of emails a week trying to entice them away, most go unopened. Many are not on Linkedin, and those that are provide limited information.

These Engineers, Specialists and Managers can only be identified and recruited through a strategic, proactive and determined search. The kind of searches Richard, Wayne & Roberts has conducted in the Oil & Gas business since 1979