Human Resources

"The Human Resources professional is the 'Prime Employee'. He or she sets the moral and ethical standards for a company."

Human Resources professionals are key contributors to the successful implementation of their companies' strategic initiatives. With several years of experience, our Human Resources Group has an exemplary track record in placing professionals in all areas of Human Resources.


We are seeing several significant trends in the Human Resources field. First, HR professionals are being asked to define their role in quantitative ways that clearly demonstrate HR's impact on the bottom line. We are consistently being asked to source candidates with demonstrated analytical skills and proficiency in numerous software packages. Second, HR professionals are expected to fully understand the industry in which their firm operates. Although many HR skills easily transfer across industries, we are seeing a trend toward more industry-specific searches. Third, the organization's senior HR manager/ executive is now recognized as a true strategic business partner and, therefore, an integral member of the senior executive management team. Innovative human capital strategies and programs are crucial to competing in today's economy. As we all know, the labor pool will continue to shrink as baby boomers retire, intensifying the competition for qualified workers.


We know that Human Resources staffs are expected to run leaner than ever with fewer employees performing the same volume of work. As a result, when there is a need to fill a vacancy, it is difficult for an HR staff to devote the time required for sourcing and qualifying potential candidates. This is where we add value. Our Human Resources team understands the difficulties faced by our clients, and we are devoted to sourcing and identifying candidates with the best skills and cultural match through various sources and methods.