Effective Interviewing: How to make the most of your evaluation process

It doesn't take a specialist to conduct a successful interview, but, like most things, it does take useful guidelines and some practice. We believe this information will help you evaluate the candidates we send to you and ultimately to select one that will become a long-term, highly productive employee. Quick Review Checklist Here is a checklist you can use to prepare for an interview. By following these guidelines, you can improve your interviewing techniques, evaluate candidates more effectively, and make better hiring decisions.

Before the interview:
●  Decide on the specific skills and qualities required by the position.
●  Define your company's value system.
●  Define the goals of the interview.
●  Prepare an outline or a list of questions for the interview.
●  Review the candidate's resume and credentials.

During the interview:
● Don't rely too heavily on first impressions.
● Be flexible, but use your outline to make sure you cover every point.
● Make the candidate feel comfortable; be friendly, but be professional.
● Verify the information on the resume.
● Communicate clearly and accurately. Keep questions and answers specific.
● Use open-ended questions to explore the candidate's character traits and thought processes.
● Be consistent; ask candidates for the same position the same kinds of questions.
● Once you determine the candidate's viability, sell a vision the importance of the role they'll play and their future with the company
● Make detailed notes on your impressions while the interview is fresh on your mind.