Oil & Gas Engineering

Keeping up with the high demand for oil & gas talent

Our oil & gas recruiters are seasoned professionals who provide full service recruiting at all levels. We provide comprehensive and confidential service for both candidates and clients. Many of our team members are regularly recognized by state and local associations and peers as the industry's best recruiters. As a candidate or client, you will experience maximum, but selected, exposure to the industry's best job opportunities or talent. We pride ourselves on trusting relationships.


Oil and gas exploration in the United States is now at unprecedented high levels. In addition, international developments have focused attention on the need for a strong domestic energy supply. As a result, we expect the exploration and production and supporting industries to be very strong job markets for the foreseeable future.


Even when we successfully locate ideal candidates, there is a strong possibility of a counter-offer. We help our clients develop recruiting strategies and salary/benefits packages that will give them the edge in the battle for sought-after professionals.