"After years of outsourcing, off-shoring, heavy utilization of contractors, and project hiring only, we are seeing a movement back towards recruiting needs for career-oriented IT professionals for our clients who want to hire them to help create and protect the security of their technology solutions for the future. Those clients understand that you need a true search firm to accomplish those goals, and we are here to be that firm for you."

Demand for the top talent and experienced IT professionals continues to outpace supply. Today finding the professionals with the most sought-after skills requires a proactive recruiting strategy. This is the strategy the IT recruiters at Richard Wayne & Roberts have carried out since 1982. We identify, source and recruit the most hard to find candidates such as Programmers/Developers, Systems Administrator's and Architects, Database and Data Warehouse experts, Project Managers, Managers, Directors and Chief Information Officers. We conduct successful searches at all experience levels in order to satisfy our client's needs.


Every year companies place a greater importance on Information Technology. Whether making business processes more efficient or adding revenue through e-commerce initiatives, IT today improves the bottom line performance of companies both large and small. As a result, recruiting and retaining top caliber IT talent is more challenging than ever before. .


The greatest challenge remains the shortage of qualified candidates with the most current technology skill sets and the ever changing nature of the IT landscape. With our specialized recruiters working in teams, we are able to recruit and present candidates that otherwise would remain unknown. We are committed to original sourcing of candidates. With our group of experienced and successful IT recruiters, we present top caliber candidates quickly and cost effectively.