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"With the increasing number of companies entering the marketing and trading industry, demand for talent is at an all time high. Our knowledge of the market and extensive network truly give our clients a competitive advantage."

While most recruiting firms abandoned the power markets during the recent turbulent past, our team specializes in your industry, its trends and challenges, and maintains an ever-expanding network of talent to give our clients a recruiting advantage. Our clients rely on us to identify, recruit and deliver qualified candidates who are currently making a valuable contribution for their present employer and are not actively seeking new employment. We have the specific expertise to identify and attract those talented professionals from your competitors on your behalf, on a nationwide basis. We specialize in the Power and Gas verticals, completing searches for North American wholesale and retail commodity, performance contracting, generation, and pipeline companies. We are proud of the fact that 75% of our business is with repeat clients.


The power and gas industries are more competitive than ever. Coming out of a market filled with credit downgrades, lay-offs and Chapter 11 filings, our clients are taking a strategic approach to hiring. As the deregulated landscape is ever-evolving, we have helped our clients create a competitive advantage for themselves by recruiting experienced talent on their behalf. We seek to be an effective partner for you in the talent-acquisition battle.


This Power and Gas industry continues to evolve rapidly as the industry restructures to achieve greater efficiency. The ability to attract and recruit the top performers will make a real difference in a company's ability to survive and flourish. Companies that are successful in identifying, attracting, and keeping the best talent have an edge in this challenging market.