Richard, Wayne and Roberts Midstream team has over 50 years of combined experience recruiting in the Midstream space. Our team specializes in completing hard to fill searches in the transportation, storage, terminaling, processing and marketing of crude oil, natural gas, products and minerals. We work with our midstream clients to identify the best midstream talent in Engineering, Construction, Development, Environmental, Safety and Operations. We have a successful track record of completing searches from the VP level down to the engineer. Our consultative approach and knowledge gives our clients an edge in recruiting the best candidate for their search.



Because of the transformation into a more technology-driven industry, there is a shortage in the talent pool, and hiring authorities are getting more specific in their hiring terms. As the industry continues to evolve to achieve greater efficiency, the ability to attract and recruit the top performers will make a real difference in a company's ability to flourish. The speed of the recruitment process has become essential, as multiple companies are courting the top talent. In addition, we have encountered an increase in counter-offers by companies to retain their employees.

Positions Filled

  • C-level to Analyst
  • Traders
  • Origination
  • Quantitative Analtics
  • Structuring
  • Risk Management
  • Product Control
  • Trade Finance
  • Settlements
  • Confirmations
  • Contracts
  • Attorney
  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Pricing
  • Renewables
  • Engineering
  • Mass Markets
  • ETRM
  • Commercial and Industrial

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The Man Behind The Bow Tie

The Man Behind The Bow Tie

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05 December 2019
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Invest In Your Hiring Process- But Do It Wisely

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How to Create A Less Stressful Work Environment

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06 November 2019
Job Hunting Shouldn't Be Spooky.. Here Are Ten Tricks On Nailing An Interview!

Job Hunting Shouldn't Be Spooky.. Here Are Ten Tricks On Nailing An Interview!

1.       RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.Research the company, industry trends, projects they’re involved in, stock market rate, etc. Be sure to know who their competitors are as well.Look up...

31 October 2019

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