Why Choose Richard, Wayne & Roberts?

Over thirty-three years of successful continuous service as a professional search firm. We will always be here when you need us.
We are committed to providing original sourcing of passive candidates through a direct recruiting approach that targets the excellent talent of your competitors on your behalf.


All of our recruiters are assigned to discipline specialties in their chosen field to know the requirements, compensation, companies, and where to access candidates within the niche.


Over one third of our team has been with the firm 10 years, and several have more than 20 years of tenure to provide you with a true recruiting "relationship" that goes beyond transactions.
We have filled nearly 600 professional searches in the past year for our valued clients.


We offer retained, contract and contingency-based recruiting solutions for you.


We are client-focused, and never forget that we work for you throughout the placement process.


We assure all candidates are treated with honesty and respect throughout the job search process, and pride ourselves on communicating feed-back to them in a timely fashion as an external representative of your company. We never present a candidate on a job without their express knowledge and consent.


We are committed to diversity in our own hiring, and in recruiting for our clients, and always seek to provide a diverse slate of candidates for your searches.
We recruit locally, nationally and internationally as required for each client engagement.