Why Should You Use A Recruiter?

First of all, because the best people aren't looking for a job; they are already working. These are the proven performers, the top five or ten percent of their profession. If you want to hire these people, you have to find them, because they aren't looking for you. A recruiter can help you avoid mistakes in the hiring process by providing objective analysis of a candidate.

What does a recruiter do?
A good recruiting firm helps you define your needs. This requires developing an accurate, detailed job description and structuring a compensation package that will attract the sort of employees you need. Recruiters then search for and identify those candidates with the skills, experience, personality, and character that are best suited to your organization. Finally, recruiters present your offer, arrange the interviews, and, if you wish, serve as third-party negotiators for the specific terms and conditions of employment.

When does it make sense to use a recruiter?
When the position you want to fill is important to your company. A recruiter specializes in finding serious, career-minded people who will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.

Is it important for recruiters to have experience in a particular discipline?
Yes, because they'll improve your chance of getting good people with the specific experience you need. They can speak the candidates' language, they'll understand their accomplishments, they'll see through their exaggerations, and they'll make a better impression on your behalf. They more readily understand your job description and what is important to your situation, and they have a better knowledge of where to start looking or, better yet, where not to look.

How important is an ongoing relationship with a recruiter?
As important as a good relationship with your banker or attorney. Good recruiters are particularly valuable if you have fairly frequent hiring needs. If, for example, a recruiter is already familiar with your company, its culture, and its personalities, they will be able to respond much more quickly. Good recruiters also help you keep up with industry trends in compensation, employee benefits, and manpower planning. Finally, like any good business people, recruiters are more likely to give their best clients the best possible service, even on smaller assignments.

Why should you consider Richard, Wayne & Roberts?
For many reasons. We hire only disciplined, self-starting recruiters who have a healthy respect for hard work. We recommend only the best qualified candidates to our clients, who are pleased with our results; almost 70 percent of our work comes from existing accounts. We will be happy to provide references as well as documentation of experience in specific disciplines and positions. We are a well-established recruiting firm with 34 years of consistent success. We have more than 60 recruiting professionals plus strong support staff. We belong to the National Association of Personnel Consultants, and adhere to a strict code of standards and ethics. We operate with three-person recruiting teams, designating one recruiter as the principal contact for you with a depth of experience in their chosen specialty field.

Finally, we take the recruiting business, our clients' success, and the future of our company very seriously.

We aspire to be recognized as the leading recruiting firm in the industries and disciplines we serve.

To discuss an assignment, call us at 713-629-6681. We're ready to go to work for you.