Richard, Wayne and Roberts was founded in October 1979.  Our fundamental strengths are sourcing, identifying and recruiting candidates to satisfy our clients needs.  We have been recognized as the leading recruiting firm in the industries and disciplines we service.  We repeatedly strive to improve our skills and expand into existing and new markets.

Our firm enjoys a national reputation for excellence and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality, responsiveness and tangible value-added results. Each of our recruiters specialize in specific disciplines and industries.

Our clients range from small firms to Fortune 500 Corporations.

Who is RWR, and why should you choose to work with us?

·        RWR has enjoyed over 40 years of successful service as a professional search firm.

·        Our recruiters are educated and trained to be industry experts in their field.

·        The majority of our senior recruiters are CPC certified, assuring they are up to date on relevant business laws and practices.

·        RWR is routinely recognized at the Professional Personnel Association awards program as having top 10 recruiters in Houston.

·        Forbes consistently ranks RWR as one of the Best Professional Recruiting Firms in America.

·        The Houston Business Journal ranks RWR in the Top 5 Permanent Placement Recruiting Firms based on volume of placements.

·        We recruit locally, nationally and internationally.

·        We dominate the markets we service to give you faster access to talent than our competitors.

·        The majority of our business comes from repeat customers.

·        We offer both retained and contingency-based recruiting solutions for you.

·        As an external representative of your company, we assure all candidates are treated with honesty and respect throughout the job search process, and pride ourselves on providing your feedback to them in a timely fashion.

·        We never present a candidate on a job without their express knowledge and consent.


RWR is an extension of your human resources department. We create job descriptions and handle the recruitment, interviews, selection, and onboarding process, so you can feel confident you’re building a workforce that supports your companys mission, vision, culture, and you.


Our Search Process

1.     Analyze client company

2.     Prepare position description

3.     Research candidates

4.     Qualify candidates

5.     Present slate of candidates

6.     Verify background and check references

7.     Extend offer

The most challenging part of hiring top tier professionals is finding and attracting them. About 70% of the marketplace is made up of passive candidates. These passive candidates are proven performers – the top five or 10 percent of their profession. It takes industry insight, research, skill, and intuition to reach qualified prospects who will entertain and consider a new opportunity.

As recruiters, it is our responsibility to find the talent and provide objective analyses of the candidates and the hiring process to help avoid costly mistakes or losses.


When should you consider partnering with a recruiter?

When the position you want to fill is essential to your company. A recruiter specializes in finding serious, career-minded people who will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.

Is it necessary for recruiters to have experience in a particular discipline? Yes, because that improves your chances of securing candidates with the specific expertise you need.


What makes RWR a leading Executive Search firm?

OUR RECRUITERS: As a well-established recruiting firm with over 40 years of consistent success, we will always be there when you need us. We have more than 60 recruiting professionals and reliable support staff always on call. Our recruiters are industry experts, providing the ability to send top-quality candidates to our clients in a timely fashion.


REPEAT BUSINESS: Our clients are pleased with our results- evidenced as almost 80% of our work comes from existing accounts. On average, we fill 600 professional searches each year. We belong to the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) and adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards. We treat our candidates and clients honestly and with integrity, confidentiality, and respect.


TEAM-ORIENTED APPROACH: All of our recruiting specialties operate with at least a three-person recruiting team so that we can designate one recruiter to our clients as the principal contact. We are happy to provide references as well as documentation of experience in specific disciplines and positions.




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