Craig Kennedy

Executive Recruiter

After a successful career with one of the largest national recruiting companies in the US, (Top 1% Out of 4000 Recruiters), Craig Kennedy founded Kennedy Unlimited in 2001. Craig decided that he did not want to take the traditional approach of national agencies focusing on quantity, the number of; offices, personnel, job orders; clients; candidates and tools but rather that of quality. His business philosophy is simple; focus on the quality of excellence in both postings and candidates and the ability to recognize talent.

With a focus on each client's specific requirements and matching these requirements, beyond the specifics of the job posting alone, with qualified candidates, with the right experience and all too often overlooked, cultural fit and aspirations. 

Craig joined Richard, Wayne and Roberts in 2019 specializing in recruiting Accounting and Finance professionals. Craig holds a bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from George Fox University and a degree in Computer Application from Mt Hood Community College. Previously, Craig worked as Senior Recruiter, (Top 1% Out of 4000 Recruiters) for Kforce, formerly Source EDP/Romac, and as Support Services Manager for D+H Davis + Henderson, formerly CFI ProServices.

Outside of the office, Craig taught one of the largest high impact aerobics classes in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys an active lifestyle, to clear and refresh his mind, and he has a deep love for dogs. 

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