Mark Dremely, CPC

Vice President, Managing Partner

Since 1984, Mark Dremely has cultivated a nationally respected reputation for achievement in retail, real estate, and construction recruiting. Attaining degrees from the University of Michigan in economics and an MBA in finance and accounting, Mark formed a solid base of experience working as a Sales Executive for IBM and in financial management functions with Exxon, Inc. and Coastal Corporations.

In 1984, he joined Richard, Wayne and Roberts focusing on talent and opportunity in the retail and shopping center real estate, construction, maintenance, design and store planning marketplace. During his tenure with the firm, Mark has risen through the ranks from an Associate Recruiter to Vice President and Managing Partner. Mark now directs the company of 60 recruiters and staff, as well as manages several specialized recruiters in the retail, restaurants and hospitality group, all while maintaining a full-cycle recruiting desk. He is also a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC).

Mark has been recognized as one of the top three recruiters in the city by the Houston Association of Personnel Consultants each year from 1994 through 2017. Most recently, in 2017, he was number one in the city of Houston. Mark has successfully directed and completed recruiting assignments at various levels on a nationwide basis. Through the former Texas Association of Personnel Consultants, he has placed in the Top 10 among all executive recruiters in the State of Texas for the past ten years. Many of those years, he placed in the top five and is also the top producer at Richard, Wayne and Roberts.

Mark is married to his wife of thirty years and has a grown daughter and three Huskies; Lokie, Levi and Nugget. He is a member of C-12, the largest national network of Christian executives, and owns and manages Project Walk Houston, a paralysis recovery facility.

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