• Kurt Dawson, CPC

    Kurt Dawson, CPC

    Accounting and Finance
  • Michael Finch

    Michael Finch

    Information Technology
  • Shanna Finucane

    Shanna Finucane

    Real Estate and Construction, Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Carrie Flick, Esq.

    Carrie Flick, Esq.

  • Cynthia Goudeau-Jackson, CPC

    Cynthia Goudeau-Jackson, CPC

    Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Steven Hadnot

    Steven Hadnot

    Midstream, Energy Search
  • Nick Hlousek

    Nick Hlousek

    Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality, Real Estate and Construction
  • Stephanie Johnson, CPC

    Stephanie Johnson, CPC

    Oil and Gas Engineering, Midstream
  • Tania Killebrew

    Tania Killebrew

  • Lisa Martin

    Lisa Martin

    Technical Sales, Engineering
  • Cheryl Norton

    Cheryl Norton

    Technical Sales, Engineering
  • Janet O\'Neal

    Janet O'Neal

    Oil and Gas Engineering

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